Achievements :

  • Planning and Creating a dedicated team of 14 professionals, to support Domestic Marketing Operations.


  • Training & Developing people to handle main activities independently (section wise) by formalizing & implementing various control systems of reports.


  • Distribution & Marketing Support Department have Successfully get it implemented the Automation of Online Reporting System in Entire Domestic Operation ( Field Staff ) .


  • We have Successfully Implemented SPINE at distributor level.


  • Under project Automation , for ready to access Mails & Internet, We have organized handheld devices to our Unit- III Senior Staff.


  • We won the Best Team Award ( State Level ) in 2010-11.


  • We won the 2nd Position in Best Team Award ( State Level - Unit III ) in 2011-12.

  • We won the Best Team Award ( State Level ) in 2012-13.

  • We have initiated and completed Distributor Contact Program as a relationship building exercise with our customers .


  • We have successfully compiled the SOP's of Department.


  • Revised Edition of the Department Manual completed .


  • Efficient handling of the Inventory at distributor level .