Distribution Section

Distribution Section has the primary role of Inventory Management. This objective is achieved by planning the Stocks levels at Distributor, relocation of slow moving products, ensuring best logistic / reverse logistic services for Distribution and Re-Distribution of goods / sales inputs . Also included is the information sharing and training of the distributors on our systems to attain healthy levels of business relationship. Mobile facilities to Unit-III personnel in terms of activation and termination of connections.

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MIS Section

MIS Section is engaged in analysis of available sales data and audit of Distributor Transactions and providing accurate reports to the concerned Authorities including the Management . The Data is sourced from the transactions conducted by the Distributors in SPINE. MIS Section is also entrusted with responsibility of ensuring the adherence to all Terms and Conditions as well as compliance of the Defined Norms of Business. There are set of Standard Formats and Procedures for all functions performed by MIS Section. All Sales related incentives are calculated and disbursed by MIS section and it also facilitates the completion of formalities of appointment of Distributors/stockists.

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Account Section

Accounts Section is mainly performing the function of Processing ,Passing , Verification of the Field Expenses & Vouchers, Remittance of the Expenses & Disbursement of Loans / Imprest to Domestic Operation Personnels. To Maintain Accurate and Updated ledgers , Updation / Checking of the Master data of Domestic Operation & Station Combination Updation in SPINE. To Provide Training of the Domestic Operation of On-line Expenses claim Entries in SPINE.

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Field Support Section

Field Support Section mainly handles the Queries & Problems of Unit-III personnel with promptness by getting the solutions from other Sections of the Department , wherever required . To facilitate the H.R Formalities , Timely disbursement of inputs (Rolling Imprest, Loans&Visiting cards) to unit-III personnel. Maintaining all correspondence & other relevant records & database of the Section, And Co-coordinating with the Vendors who are lending services to us .Arrangements of stay, Travel tickets & Vehicles for the visitors of Domestic Operation & other Guests at the time of their visit to HO and elsewhere. To ensure the regular/timely update of leave & attendance for Unit -III in SPINE.FSS follows the principle of giving a feeling of “WE CARE” to our Customers.

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